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Originally comes from two words: Ad and Terra
Ad: is a prefix of Latin origin that indicates proximity, contiguity: To attract: to bring an object towards, by virtue of his physical properties. To attach: to place a word next to. Adjacent: placed in the proximity of.

Terra: From Latin, it means Earth. The origin of everything.

Therefore as a whole it means next or close to the Earth. ADTERRA'S raison d'être is to be next to the Earth, determining its character of company focused in the non-conventional renewable energies.


ADTERRA is a group of professionals focused in non-conventional renewable energies with broad knowledge and experience on the energy market, emphasising specially in Latin America.

With over more than 10 years of experience, they are professionals with confirmed results and success in their projects, companies and societies in which they have taken part of, bearing in mind the social, environmental and economic aspects.

The professionals have worked together with technology manufacturers, project developers, promoters, constructors, operators and maintenance of renewable assets and investment funds, having a wide vision of the sector and the chain value.


We know that the technological advances take place rapidly, and so do the market solutions. This way, Adterra's areas of business are in continuous expansion. Our core principal is to take part in projects and assets that are social, economic and environmentally successful.

We take in projects or assets with the following technologies:

- Photovoltaic
- Wind
- Biomass
- Bi-oils
- Solar Concentration


. Risk Analysis and Evaluation of Projects and Assets in Energy Market.

. Renewable Energy Development and Project Management.

. Advisors for Development, Promotion and Turn Key Solutions for Renewable Energy Projects.

. Advisors to find Equity and Debt providers for Renewable Energy projects.

. Selling Advice for Renewable Energy Projects and Assets.



Las Condes, Santiago, CHILE